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Toronto (GTA) is Canada's largest city and is home to more than 5.7 million Canadians. Toronto's History dates back to the late 18th century at the time known as York.In 1834, York was incorporated as a city and renamed to its present name - Toronto. 

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With more than 20 million visitors a year, Toronto is the main tourist destination in Ontario. How to get there, what to do and where to go? You will find answers. Enjoy Toronto's events, visit Ontario Place explore the city. Toronto restaurants offer cuisines from every corner of the globe. Shop in downtown's underground walkway PATH and Eaton Centre

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 Toronto Flag In October 1999, the new City of Toronto flag was approved by city council.

 Elements of the Flag
 - the twin towers of City Hall on a blue background.
 - the red maple leaf of the Flag of Canada represents the  Council Chamber at the base of the towers.

 Toronto Sport Teams
Toronto Argonauts (Canadian Football League)
Toronto Blue Jays (Major League Baseball)
Toronto Maple Leafs (National Hockey League)
Toronto Raptors (National Basketball Association)


















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